Reduce Apparent Losses

Top-down audits reveal that many water utilities losing large percentages of their water every month. Traditional thinking is that most of this water is real losses through leaks. However, a major portion of total losses are often attributable to apparent losses, and in particular under-registering customer meters. A state-wide survey in Texas revealed roughly 40% of total losses state-wide being attributed to under-registering meters. Where should a utility focus it's time and resources towards making improvements?

The Meter Assurance Program establishes a statistical model of the accuracy of the utility's meter inventory based on randomized testing of the utility's meters and our industry data consortium which allows utilities and other member companies to share anonymous data for purposes of increasing predictive power. Understand the make, model, age and total gallons registered for your meter inventory. Then target meters for replacement based on the MAP score; predicting the likelihood of an under-registering meter.

The benefits of the Meter Assurance Program are two-fold. First, the utility can focus it's annual meter replacement capital budget on the meters that are most in need of replacement. Over the amortization period of the new meters purchased, this can make an enormously positive financial difference both in terms of increased utility revenue and reduced Apparent Losses. Secondly, by establishing a quantitative basis for estimated meter under-registration system-wide, the utility can have far greater confidence in their overall Apparent Loss and Leakage estimates.