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Cloud-based VoIP

Most utilities have an automated 'phone tree' capability that allows them to send pre-recorded or text-to-voice messages to a segment of the customer base for purposes such as collection calls, cutoff notices, etc. Many of these systems rely on in-house phone hardware either through PBX integration or dedicated 'phone card' type hardware devices. Such devices can introduce major bottlenecks related to call throughput. If an average call takes thirty seconds, you'll get four calls per minute on a two-line system.

Smart Conservation Emails

It's amazing to me how many water utilities don't proactively communicate with their customers on a regular basis. You have customer relationships and contact information, why not use it to your advantage more frequently? Probably because your core "system of record" housing your customer information is primarily a Billing System and doesn't have a lot of options for automated customer contact.

A "Water Score" to promote smart water use

In the past two decades we have seen an explosion in the use of Credit Scoring by the financial services industry. Virtually every bank, mortgage company, auto lender, credit card issuer and insurance company relies upon these statistical measures of credit worthiness. And in recent years we've seen consumers themselves becoming more and more aware of and focused on their scores as well. TV commercials, personal finance advocates, books and web sites abound to educate the consumer on the meaning of their credit score and how to improve it.

H2O Analytics Launched

Welcome to the new H2O Analytics web site. We focus on helping water utilities and other players in the water industry maximize the value of their data. By combining internal data from various systems with available public and commercial data, better decisions are possible. Through rigorous analysis with the help of leading edge statistical modeling, spatial visualization and decision management tools, we can help you turn your data into insights.