'Check In' With Your Customers

In the past couple of years there have been some really great mobile web applications that have come out, several centered around the concept of ‘checking in’ at physical locations and sharing those locations with friends. Of course, the locations are often businesses which are finding creative ways to leverage these technologies for marketing purposes. All of it is very cool and a great utilization of the location-awareness of smart-phones for social communication.

We’ve turned this concept around the other way, and have created a system that makes it easy for businesses to communicate with their customers based on the customer’s locations. But in this instance the customer’s locations are fixed (their houses) and the company is mobile (field service crew). Utility field employees see a ‘spatial dashboard’ of customer information with drill-down capability. Even better, they can easily ‘lasso’ a group of customers to send voice, sms and email messages based on pre-defined templates. For a water utility, or any other operation with a lot of customers and field service operations, it’s the key to superior customer-service; we call it Field Intelligence. Click the image below to check out our demo video.