TCEQ Regulatory Guidance 219

One Meter per Residence - A Data-Driven Compliance Solution

Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) states: "One meter is required for each residential, commercial, or industrial service connection. An apartment building or mobile home park may be considered by the utility to be a single commercial facility for the purpose of these sections."

The regulation is very clear, but what is the most efficient way to comply? With thousands of connections, limited resources, and a stack of other things to get done, most water utilities could benefit from a data-driven approach. H2O Analytics can help you implement a targeted inspection program that leverages meter data analytics, public data matching and location-aware capabilities.

Resources are limited, so you want to focus on the most suspect accounts first. Analyzing your meter data and combining your location data with county appraisal information are both great ways to zero in on the connections that are likely out of compliance. For example, evaluation of the appraisal 'improvement' records can indicate how many residential structures the appraiser noted during the last on-site inspection. Locations with multiple residential structures and one meter can be slotted for review.

During the review process, your staff can examine the water usage of the current connection compared to other similar customers. And a visual inspection of the property using satellite photographs and Google's 'street view' camera system can also help you determine whether an on-site evaluation is warranted. H2O Analytics helps you take full advantage of the data available in various systems resulting in rapid compliance and efficient resource utilization.