Solutions Overview

Water utilities around the world are struggling to maintain aging infrastructures. At the same time, growing and shifting populations are placing greater strains on existing water supplies. Regulatory oversight is increasing at both the state and federal level, and attention from the public is increasing every day. To succeed in this environment, utilities need better tools to help them become more efficient. H2O Analytics is a decision engine that can help utilities in numerous areas including:

Customer Messaging and Field Intelligence
Our mobile Field Intelligence app puts powerful customer research and communication capabilities in the hands of your field employees, and it provides a simple mechanism for tracking field crews without expensive, dedicated hardware or communication contracts. Use iPads, Android tablets and your laptops to improve the efficiency of your field operations.

And of course it's not just mobile messaging; communicate effortlessly with all of your customers to notify them of past due amounts, pending cut-offs, possible leaks, maintenance, outages and more. Maintain positive customer relationships while streamlining the communication process; many messages and calls can be configured for auto-send, and our analytic engine learns your customers 'normal' usage patterns and automatically notifies them when possible leaks occur. More information.

Conservation Programs
Our unique "Water Score" technology puts you in control of a water usage score-card system that produces a green, yellow or red flag for each of your customers. This score helps inform your customer about his/her water usage and helps the utility target conservation messaging at the proper customers. The Water Score is based on statistics derived from the utility's meter data with utility-controlled business rules being used to "tune" the score and the associated message codes or statements. Embedded in your web site and delivered through our email service every month, the Water Score helps keep water conservation "front of mind" for your customers.

Using these scores, you can focus on customers who are using a lot of water or whose consumption is trending towards using more water in the future. In addition to the Water Score, you can tailor your message based on demographic information that our services matches to your customer records. For example, by matching county appraisal data to the utility's location records, customers with large yards and swimming pools can be identified and targeted with appropriate and relevant conservation messages that other clients don't need to receive. Tailored, proactive and regular communication with your customers has never been this easy. More information.

Water Loss Reduction
Our Meter Assurance Program establishes a statistical model of the accuracy of the utility's meter inventory based on randomized testing of the utility's meters and our industry data consortium which allows utilities and other member companies to share data for purposes of increasing predictive power. The computer model evaluates the make, model, age and total gallons registered for each meter in your inventory and then targets meters for replacement. By predicting the likelihood of an under-registering meters we can focus your annual capital budget allocation for meter replacements on the lowest performing meters thereby improving the financial return on this investment. Also, by establishing a quantitative basis for estimated meter under-registration system-wide, the utility can have far greater confidence in their overall Apparent Loss and Leakage estimates. More information.