Cloud-based Analytic and Messaging Service

Cloud-based analytics and messaging technologies can help water utilities take full advantage of available information sources and operationalize highly accurate and consistent decisions. These decisions can assist in strategic planning, improve customer service, increase conservation, and improve overall utility efficiency. But regardless of which business problems you're trying to solve, our cloud-based H2O Decision Service can help you start seeing results fast. You don't need to install any software to start utilizing the following functionality:

High Volume Data Integration
The proliferation of smart metering devices, SCADA and other network-enabled sensor devices is resulting in an explosion of data volumes in water utilities everywhere. But many utilities are still dealing with a variety of built-for-task systems that cannot integrate or 'talk with each other.' We can help you get all of your internal systems connected and then augment that information with available public and commercial data sources.

Analysis and Modeling Warehouse
Your database is the foundation upon which your decision automation strategy is built. Our cloud-based data warehouse is simple and fast to implement; you'll start seeing results in a couple of weeks, not months or years like with many projects.

Utility Information Dashboards
You, your customers and your engineers can all view relevant information though the H2O Analytics dashboard, or you can embed our analytic widgets into your existing software or web-site.

Event-based Alerts
Our algorithms watch your data stream and react intelligently. Analytic models and business rule management technologies allow massive volumes of sensor data to be handled correctly, every time, with minimal human intervention.

System and Workflow Integration
We can integrate with your existing systems, allowing us to apply analytic intelligence to data coming from your existing operational workflow systems and then push these 'decisions' back into the existing systems. For example, we can examine your meter inventory and usage history data to predict which meters should be replaced next and then create work orders in your system to initiate the work.