Cloud-based Analytics for the Water Industry

Reducing water losses, improving customer satisfaction and encouraging conservation

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Customer Notifications

Communicate effortlessly with your customers to notify them of past due amounts, pending cut-offs, possible leaks, maintenance, outages and more. Deliver personalized messages via email, text/sms and phone. Our location-aware mobile app allows customer service and field repair teams to communicate with customers based on physical proximity. No costly hardware or phone lines required. More information.

Water Loss Reduction

Combine the data from your existing billing, metering, SCADA and GIS systems with our powerful algorithms to continuously monitor distribution losses at a zone level. Automatically alert customers to low-flow leaks and high usage spikes. Evaluate meter usage patterns to identify under-registering meters and reduce apparent losses. More information.

Water Conservation

Conservations campaigns from H2O Analytics use your existing billing-system and meter data, along with web and VoIP communication technologies to enable the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective conservation programs available. Utility customers receive conservation messages and tips that are tailored to their water usage patterns and demographic characteristics. Meter data is analyzed to identify leaks and usage restriction violations which drive automated customer communication.